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Ease Your Transition Through Menopause With Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

We all know the classic signs of menopause: the hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, and weight gain. 

But what many women don’t know is that menopause happens in stages that can span two or three years, starting with perimenopause, the period leading up to the real deal. 

You haven’t truly gone through menopause until you’ve gone without a period for at least 12 months, and the symptoms can continue to disrupt your life. That’s a long time to suffer through the uncomfortable consequences of this change.

But there’s a way to smooth out the bumps of this rocky transition, and it’s called bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT). At SourceMD: Integrated Wellness Solutions, our double-board-certified integrative medicine physician, Dr. Dave Larson, offers BHRT as part of his holistic approach to health care. 

Here are some of the benefits of this all-natural treatment for every stage of menopause.

The difference between BHRT and traditional hormone replacement therapy

For many years, the way to treat the dramatic decline of estrogen levels from menopause was to replace it with hormones from another source. The closest thing happened to be found in pregnant mares’ urine, hence the brand name: Premarin®.

But today, you have a more natural choice in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Instead of horse urine, these hormones are derived from plants and more closely resemble the molecular makeup of your body’s own hormones.

How BHRT eases menopause symptoms

To understand how BHRT helps, you need to understand what happens when your body loses its normal production of estrogen. 

Estrogen is responsible for so many functions you take for granted, including:

So it’s easy to see why the sudden plummet causes so many issues, such as:

By balancing your hormones once again, your symptoms fade away, and menopause becomes a wonderful transition in your life rather than a burden.

When should I start taking BHRT?

Many women suffer through the years of menopausal transition unnecessarily. But Dr. Larson can relieve your discomfort at the earliest signs. 

If you’re noticing any of these symptoms even while your menstrual period is still regular, we can help you manage them before they begin to interfere with your life.

Before prescribing your BHRT, Dr. Larson checks your exact hormone levels and identifies the deficiencies so he can customize your treatment to your specific needs. 

Menopause is a long biological process that typically occurs around the age of 51, but it can begin as early as 40, so don’t be alarmed if it happens to you before you expect it.

If you need help dealing with the effects of menopause, schedule a face-to-face or telehealth appointment with Dr. Larson to discuss how BHRT can make your transition much easier. You can call the office at 760-230-1317 to make your appointment.

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