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Explore How Biohacking Can Improve All Areas of Your Health

Biohacking allows you to understand and manipulate your own biology through nutrition, lifestyle, and environmental factors to increase your wellness, performance, and productivity. 

At SourceMD: Integrated Wellness Solutions in Encinitas, California, Dr. David Larson can help you figure out biohacks for your health. He offers a unique approach so patients can make breakthroughs in their physical and mental health through functional medicine and integrative psychiatry.

When you meet with Dr. Larson, he looks way beyond your symptoms and gets to the root of the problem. Then, he partners with you to optimize your health so you can prevent illnesses and truly thrive. In other words, he treats you, not just your condition. 

Biohacking in theory

One of the ways Dr. Larson achieves these results is through biohacking, a systemic approach to human biology — your biology. 

The internet is full of DIY biohacking experiments, but they can be ineffective or even dangerous if practiced without sound training and knowledge. Dr. Larson develops your treatment based on your individual health status, needs, and goals and carefully monitors your health through every stage of your journey.

Biohacking can be as simple as changing your diet and as complex as changing your worldview. The goal is to improve memory, focus, energy, and performance, while strengthening your defense against physical and mental illness. This not only relies on diet and exercise, but our connection with the natural world and to one another

Biohacking uncovers important connections

The first stage of biohacking involves some detective work. Dr. Larson excels at this aspect of health care and is passionate about helping his patients discover important connections between their body and their environment and daily choices. 

Here are some of the ways he uncovers these connections:

Depending on what these tests find, Dr. Larson helps you biohack your system to correct imbalances and deficiencies.

Biohacking in action

Your health and vitality are subject to your nutrition, sleep hygiene, stress levels, hormones, physical activity, and genetics, as well as environmental factors such as the weather, the lighting, or certain sounds and smells. 

This is why two patients can have the same diagnosis but respond to traditional medical treatments differently. 

Your particular path to wellness may include:

Start your biohacking journey with a qualified guide

Dr. Larson is double board-certified by the American Academy of Family Physicians and the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology and is highly qualified to guide you through your biohacking journey safely and successfully. 

If you’re ready to optimize your health through biohacking, call us at 760-230-1317 to set up a consultation with Dr. Larson today. 

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