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I'm Going Through Menopause: Can Hormone Replacement Therapy Help?

I'm Going Through Menopause: Can Hormone Replacement Therapy Help?

Menopause is a natural phase of a woman’s life, and it can be a welcome break from the hassle of monthly periods and the responsibility of contraception. It also ushers in a slew of physical and mental changes that aren’t so welcome.

At SourceMD: Integrated Wellness Solutions in Encinitas, California, Dr. Dave Larson specializes in whole-body wellness, and his expertise is especially applicable for women experiencing menopause. The hormonal changes that come during this phase of life trigger an avalanche of symptoms that can make it hard to get through the day.

Here, Dr. Larson takes a closer look at how bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can ease your menopause symptoms and boost your overall health.

What hormones do

Hormones are the chemical messengers that tell your cells and organs what to do. These hormones fluctuate throughout your lifetime to stimulate growth and other changes as necessary.

The two main hormones in women — estrogen and progesterone — are responsible for the lion’s share of your uniquely female functions, so they ebb and flow during puberty, menstruation, sexual activity, pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding. 

We should also mention that women have a bit of testosterone — the primarily male hormone — coursing through their veins as well. 

Not only do these hormones regulate your reproductive system, but they also play a role in the function of your brain, heart, skin, urinary tract, hair, and musculoskeletal system. 

Hormones and menopause

Menopause happens when your ovaries have stopped producing hormones and your period has ceased for at least 12 months in a row. 

Although your levels of estrogen and progesterone go up and down through each phase of your life, once you hit menopause, they disappear completely and throw your body into chaos until you acclimate to the new normal.

Even if you haven’t yet entered menopause, you’re probably familiar with the classic signs:

For some women, these symptoms show up even before menopause is official. The prelude to menopause — called perimenopause — can last for years. All told, some women deal with the symptoms for up to five years before menopause and up to a decade afterward. 

But there is a way to avoid that.

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for menopause

The idea behind hormone replacement therapy is that bringing your hormone levels back into balance stops the symptoms caused by the sudden loss of estrogen and progesterone.

That said, there are different types of hormone replacement therapies and several different delivery systems, including oral pills, implants, injections, topical solutions, vaginal inserts, sprays, patches, and subcutaneous pellets.  

Dr. Larson recommends bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) pellets because they’re effective, safe, and most like your natural hormones. They’re derived from plant-based sources and formulated to match the molecular structure of your own hormones exactly. 

To make sure you get the precise dose at the right time, Dr. Larson tests your saliva to get an accurate picture of your current hormone levels. Then he can prescribe a customized BHRT treatment that creates a perfectly balanced hormonal environment. 

About 1.4 million American women opt for bioidentical hormone replacement therapy — and relieving their menopause symtpoms is only one reason.

Bioidentical HRT for overall health and wellness

When your hormones plummet, you’re sure to feel at least a few of the classic menopause symptoms, but your health can suffer as well. Fortunately, BHRT can address more than just hot flashes and mood swings. 

If your hormone imbalance has triggered health issues, such as insulin resistance, fibromyalgia, thyroid disorder, osteoporosis, skin and hair problems, gingivitis or periodontitis, vaginal atrophy, urinary incontinence, or heart disease, BHRT may allevaite those symptoms as well. 

To find out if you’re a good candidate for BHRT, call SourceMD: Integrated Wellness Solutions at 760-230-1317 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Larson. 

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