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Gold Membership

Gold concierge medicine

The Gold Membership is designed for people who want a comprehensive, individualized, pro-active and long-term integrative healthcare experience with their primary care physician.

Contract Duration: 12 months from date of enrollment.

1. Membership Fees:
Fees billed on the date contract is signed and monthly, quarterly, or annually thereafter.

a. $525/month for 1st family member.

b. $475/month for each additional family member (when paying together as a family).

c. $245/month for children <18 years/old of primary member (when paying together as a family).

2. Per Visit Fees:
12 physician visits (in addition to an annual comprehensive exams plus wellness summary) are included as part of the 12-month membership fees. Should you require additional visits, there are additional fees for visits that include medical management (for example, visits that involve prescription medications, imaging orders, or referrals to specialists). Visits are offered in person or by telemedicine if clinically appropriate.

a. <15 minutes: $145

b. 15-30 minutes: $275

c. >30 minutes: $475

3. Medical Services. * Medical Services under this Agreement are those medical services that the Physician is permitted to perform under the laws of the State of California, and are consistent with Physician’s training and experience. *Lab fees and all other fees or costs for services not personally provided by the Clinic or its staff are not covered under this Agreement. The Patient shall be advised of these costs in advance of treatment and such fees are payable at the time of service.

Medical services included in Patient’s membership fee include the following:1

An annual in-depth, comprehensive physical examination and evaluation. This personalized examination and evaluation shall include, as appropriate:

○ Detailed review of medical, surgical, psychiatric, family, and social history;

○ Complete physical exam including form completion as needed;

○ Visual Acuity Testing;

○ Hearing Screening with Pure Tone Audiometry;

○ Pulmonary Function Testing with Spirometry;

○ Body Composition analysis with Styku 3D Scanning Machine;

○ Determination of resting metabolic rate;

○ Resting Electrocardiogram;

○ Health Risk Assessment

○ Advise patient of medically indicated laboratory tests, and/or imaging studies and order same as appropriated; and, Referral to and coordination with specialists for consultations as appropriate2

Follow up visit after wellness examination. Physician will review the results of the examination and create a personalized comprehensive health treatment plan based on the results of the exam and the patient's individual needs. This may include, as appropriate:

○ Personalized lifestyle education and recommendations for stress management and achieving peak nutrition, fitness, and sleep hygiene; and a customized weight management and body composition plan.

○ Preventive health counseling as indicated for weight management, smoking cessation, behavior modification, and/or stress management.

○ Consultation regarding any identified medical issues. Physician and Patient shall discuss treatment options to include a variety of modalities such as traditional, integrative and holistic treatment choices;

○ Referrals to specialists if needed.

12 Physician Visits (in addition to annual comprehensive exams plus wellness summary).

Patients may schedule Physician Visits throughout the term of the Agreement to address any new health concerns that arise, discuss progress on personal goals and/or all the items listed above, adjust treatment plan, and/or obtain additional objective measurements of progress. These visits can be in person, office visits or telemedicine visits if appropriate and desired.

○ Repeat in-office studies as indicated to monitor progress and efficacy of patient’s treatment plan, including body composition analysis, resting metabolic rate measurement, pulmonary function testing, EKG, etc.;

○ Ordering additional laboratory or imaging studies, if indicated.

Lab Testing and Procedures. The following are included as medically necessary.3

○ Office-based laboratory evaluation (Urine Analysis, Blood Glucose Measurements, Rapid

Strep Testing, Fecal Occult Blood Testing);

○ Office-based procedures, i.e., abscess incision and drainage, joint injections, cryotherapy for removal of small skin lesions, spirometry, breathing treatments, ear wax removal, laceration repair, suture/staple removal. If laboratory specimens require further evaluation of a pathologist, there may be additional laboratory charges depending on your insurance. Whenever possible, patient shall be informed in advance and shall be solely responsible for such additional charges;

○ Venipuncture (Blood Draws) to collect laboratory specimens. Depending on your insurance, there may be additional fees (such as deductible and copayments) for such outside lab services. For those with HMO insurance or who otherwise prefer, the Clinic has negotiated discounted rates for lab studies through select vendors; *Patients always retain the right to have lab tests performed at any place of their choosing.

○ Review of data from remote monitoring of blood pressure and heart rhythm, if indicated.

Physician Home Visits. Offered for Gold members for Patient convenience and if clinically appropriate at a rate of $1000 per visit.

2. Non-Medical, Personalized Services. CLINIC shall also provide Patient with the following non-medical services (“Non-Medical Services”), which are complementary to our members in the course of care:

After Hours Access: Patient shall have the ability to directly communicate with Physician by cell phone, text message, email, or secure patient portal seven days a week and after hours for guidance or concerns which arise unexpectedly after office hours. Every reasonable effort shall be made to respond within 24 hours. Patient understands and agrees that email and text messaging should never be used to access medical care in the every of an emergency, or any situation that Patient could reasonably expect may develop into an emergency.

Same Day/Next Day Appointments. When Patient requests an appointment before 12 PM on anormal office day (Monday through Friday) every reasonable effort shall be made to schedule an appointment with the Physician within the same week.

Specialists Coordination and Advocacy. Physician shall coordinate care with Patient’s specialists and other caregivers. Physician shall also assist Patient in finding medical specialists and other health professionals as Patient desires. Patient understands that fees paid under this Agreement do not include and do not cover Specialist’s fees or fees due to any medical professional other than the CLINIC Physician.

Emergency and/or Urgent care treatments are not included under this Agreement.
This Agreement does not include ongoing primary care medicine.

1 As deemed appropriate and medically necessary by the Physician.

2 Specialist fees and any services not personally provided by the Clinic are not included under this Agreement and are the Patient's responsibility.

3 * Lab fees and all other fees or costs for services not personally provided by the Clinic or its staff are not covered under this agreement. The Patient shall be advised of these costs in advance of treatment and such fees are payable at the time of service.