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integrative psychiatry

Dr. Larson holds a dual-board certification by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology and the American Board of Family Medicine and additional formal fellowship training in Integrative Medicine. He has years of experience as an integrative mind-body medicine physician and takes an integrated and holistic approach to optimize your brain health.

With your concierge psychiatry membership, you receive exceptional individualized, and comprehensive medical and psychiatric care focused on optimizing both your physical and mental health. Your personalized treatment plan will consider your current diet and exercise habits, sleep quality, social connections, toxic burden, and lifestyle in general. Dr. Larson works with you to co-create a personalized treatment plan that supports all the aspects of your life that impact your mental and physical wellbeing, helping you feel healthy and function at your personal best.

Membership Includes the Following Services:

1. Direct Access to Dr. Larson as your Personal Concierge Psychiatrist:

  a. You have direct communication with Dr. Larson on his cell phone, email, or our secure online         patient portal.

   b. Every reasonable effort shall be made to schedule an appointment within the Physician within the         same week1


2. Health Creation.

a. Provision of healthcare that is predictive, personalized, preventive, and participatory.

b. Provision of care focused on being proactive about optimizing your physical and mental health rather than waiting until you have been diagnosed with a disease or serious illness.

c. Provision of care focused on root cause resolution of the underlying causes of suboptimal brain health rather than simply disease management.

d. Embracing the Integrative Medicine model, which recognizes the best of conventional, alternative,  and lifestyle medicine.

3. Personalized medicine based on your unique biochemical individuality and imbalances.

a. This approach often involves extensive lab testing of biomarkers associated with health and  disease (see appendix at the end of this document for detailed information). Specific tests are recommended and ordered based on your unique history and risk factors. Note that any fees associated with lab testing are your responsibility and are not included in your  membership fee at SourceMD. Most lab testing is ordered to a traditional lab (such as Labcorp or Quest), and if you have PPO insurance labs fees can be billed to your health insurance plan. Depending on your health insurance plan, you may or may not be responsible for fees related to your co-pay and deductible. Some advanced functional medicine tests are considered “investigational” and rarely covered by insurance.

 b. Your membership plan DOES include all of Dr. Larson’s time involved in a detailed interpretation of the results, education about the clinical importance of test results, and  providing you with a menu of evidence-based treatment options to improve your wellbeing.  In addition, based on your unique goals and lifestyle situation, Dr. Larson will collaborate with you to update your personalized treatment plan (which you can always remotely access via a smartphone app or any internet browser).

4. Lifestyle Program: Dr. Larson will work closely with you to develop and regularly update your personalized comprehensive lifestyle “prescription” based on your unique goals and life situation to optimize your brain health. Our team will assist you in executing this lifestyle program by reviewing progress, evaluating objective measures of success, and re-adjusting your personalized plan as needed. This involves the following:

a. Sleep quality optimization: Including a review of any data from your home sleep monitoring device and working with you to naturally optimize your sleep by improving your morning and evening routine, daily habits, nutritional and hormone status, and cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia.

b. Exercise Prescription: Your age-based specific “dose” of cardiovascular exercise (based on a heart rate goal) and strength training program.

c. Relaxation Response Prescription: Guidance in healthy lifestyle habits to improve the strength of your parasympathetic nervous system (your natural built-in relaxation response), including recommendations for adding in daily practices such as breathwork, mindfulness meditation, cold exposure, and biofeedback.

5. Coordination of Care and Co-management. Dr. Larson will serve as the “quarterback” of your brain health program to optimize and coordinate your integrated care plan.

a. Evidence-based psychotherapy with specialty-trained high-quality therapists. Most patients benefit from evidence-based psychotherapy such as Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) or Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) for working through past traumatic experiences; or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for depression and anxiety disorders. Still, they often have only experienced supportive “talk therapy” in the past rather than these proven specific forms of psychotherapy. Dr. Larson has personal relationships with many expert psychotherapists and will actively participate with them in a team-approach in coordinating and updating your comprehensive treatment plan.

b. Expert medical specialist referrals and care coordination. Dr. Larson has partnerships nationally with Mayo Clinic. These relationships provide you with coordinated referrals to top specialists and specialty care as needed.

c. Integrative medicine care team care coordination. If desired, Dr. Larson will personally recommend additional team members to assist you in creating optimal health and work closely with this team of health practitioners to collaborate in your treatment plan. In addition, our network of expert referrals includes:

 i. Personal Trainers and Fitness Coaches

ii. Whole Food-based Nutritionists and Registered Dietitians

iii. Private Chefs and Meal Preparation Services.

iv. Massage Therapy, Body Work, and Energy Work Practitioners

v. Acupuncturists, Chiropractors, & Physical Therapists.

6. Personalized research. Should you experience unusual symptoms or become diagnosed with a rare condition, Dr. Larson will spend additional time to evaluate peer-reviewed medical literature to update you on the latest state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment options.


1. Contract Duration: 12 months from date of enrollment.

2. Membership Fee: $5,000 per year billed annually on the date that the Patient Agreement is executed. In addition to the above listed services, your membership includes four follow-up visits (up to 60 minutes each) which are included in the membership fee every 12 months for proactive, integrative psychiatry care coordination, ordering comprehensive laboratory testing and review (if indicated), and updating your integrated treatment plan. These usually take place every 3-4 months to support patients on their journey toward optimal mental health.

3. Additional Fees (if applicable):

a. New Patient Initial Consult Fee: One-time fee of $675 for a 90-minute initial integrative psychiatry consultation for NEW PATIENTS ONLY (or prior patients seen >12 months since the last visit).

b. Additional Consultation Fees (if applicable). Most patients thrive with all of the continuous care coordination and regular follow-up visits included in the membership as described above. However, some patients desire additional support and time from Dr. Larson for services such as family psychotherapy or additional questions that require formal medical decision making. In these cases, there will be additional consultation visit fees (if patients use more than four visits in 12 months) billed based on time Dr. Larson spends on medical decision making. The rates are $225 for <30 minute and $450 for >30 minutes of medical decision-making time for consultation with Dr. Larson whether in-person or virtually1 (email, text or zoom).

1 If clinically indicated