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Understanding the Extensive Assessments Involved With an Executive Physical Exam

Understanding the Extensive Assessments Involved With an Executive Physical Exam

Annual physicals are essential for everyone — they provide a snapshot of your overall health, detect anomalies in routine lab tests, and establish a baseline measurement of your vital signs.

But today’s corporate culture values a 24/7 on-call work mentality, especially from its leaders. That level of stress and lack of time to focus on personal health puts executives at risk for serious medical problems.

That’s why Dr. Dave Larson at SourceMD: Integrated Wellness Solutions in Encinitas, California, offers the executive physical exam. Whether you’re a mid-level manager or the president of your company, you probably find it difficult to schedule a doctor appointment when you’re sick, let alone when you’re healthy. So, we’re making it easier for you with the executive physical exam.

Here’s how you can receive detailed, comprehensive health care that covers an extensive range of issues, all within a 3-4 hour, one-time visit that fits into your schedule.  

Who can get an executive physical exam?

The name “executive physical exam” may lead you to believe that this all-encompassing service is offered exclusively to corporate executives. And while that describes many of our patients, we also see many corporate-ladder climbers as well.

In fact, it’s becoming more and more popular for companies to include executive physical exams as part of their perk package for up-and-coming leaders and key personnel. After all, healthy employees are a huge asset to every organization.

How is an executive physical exam different?

Executive physical exams dive deeper into your health than a traditional annual exam. Here’s a closer look at what you can expect:

Advanced labs

During your executive physical exam, we run extensive lab tests, including inflammation markers, lipid panels, and tests that evaluate micronutrients, metabolism, toxins and heavy metals, immunity, insulin production and processing, and genetic testing. This lets us determine your current health and risk for future conditions.

Digital imaging tests

Dr. Larson uses the latest technology, including ultrasound, CT scans, MRIs, and digital X-rays to screen for potential health issues, such as:

  • Arrhythmias
  • Thyroid disease
  • Cancer
  • Cysts
  • Carotid artery plaque
  • Calcium scores
  • Gallbladder and liver disease

These imaging tests allow us to detect early signs of concern that can’t be seen externally.

Pulmonary function tests

Firsthand and secondhand smoke and environmental toxins can damage your lungs and lead to lung disease or cancer. Our screening tests evaluate your lung capacity and function and help us find out whether your lungs are in danger.

Vascular screening

Given the high level of stress most executives work under, we pay close attention to its effect on your heart function. We check your heart rate to evaluate your ability to physically handle the stress you’re under, and we teach you how to relax on demand when necessary.

We also take your blood pressure seriously, and Dr. Larson can monitor it remotely to ensure you’re maintaining healthy numbers.

He also screens for vascular problems, such as atherosclerosis, which puts you at high risk for heart disease, stroke, and kidney problems.

Skin check

Dr. Larson performs a thorough skin screening to check suspicious moles and lesions that may be precancerous, saving you a trip to the dermatologist.

Visual acuity

While it’s normal for visual acuity to wane with age, your eyesight may deteriorate faster than normal if you stare at a screen all day. What’s more, certain health conditions can put your eyesight in danger, such as hypertension and diabetes, so Dr. Larson looks for connections between your eye health and other issues.

Musculoskeletal integrity

Running from meeting to meeting, getting in and out of cars, and speed-walking through airports puts a lot of stress on your feet, knees, hips, and back. Dr. Larson includes a comprehensive evaluation of your gait and posture to ensure you’re moving at peak efficiency and aren’t putting your joints at risk.

Hormone check

Men and women experience different symptoms when their hormones are out of balance, and many folks don’t recognize the signs. While erectile dysfunction in men and hot flashes in women are two of the most notable symptoms, unbalanced hormones can also lead to hair loss, inability to concentrate, gum disease, urinary incontinence, and osteoporosis. Dr. Larson evaluates your hormone levels to determine whether you need hormone replacement therapy.

Mental health evaluation

As a successful executive, you’re clearly intelligent and capable, but everyone experiences mental and emotional challenges now and then. To keep you performing at your best, your executive physical exam includes a mental health exam to assess your cognitive health.

If needed, Dr. Larson offers integrative psychiatry services that help you manage stress, balance responsibilities at work and home, address addictions, and resolve relationship conflicts so you can run your life as successfully as you run your business.

To schedule an executive physical or to find out more about adding it to your company’s benefit package, call us at 760-230-1317 today.